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Murder Mystery Party - Pasta Passion and Pistols (Ang)

University Games


At La Speranza, New York City's most popular Italian eatery, restaurateur Pepi Roni has been shot in the back with his own pistol. Tonight his family and friends will gather to pay their respects to poor Pepi, but one of the guests won't be shedding any tears.

This is an interactive murder mystery party game in which your guests for the evening become characters suspected of the crime in question. The crime must be solved before the evening is out.

It is your duty as a party organizer to see that the rules are observed and to keep the players in order. It may be helpful for you to provide each guest with a pad and pen for notes. However, on no account should you read any of the Character Booklets or listen to the Compact Disc in advance. Cast your guests according to the character profiles printed on the invitations, keeping a character for yourself, but remember that no one will prove to be quite what they seem.

There are eight characters in all-six suspects and two extra guests (four men and four women). The six suspects must be pre sent at your mystery party for it to play properly. It is not essential for the Extra Guests to be present. These two roles should be filled only if you are inviting more than six people to your party. What's Inside?

Party Planner with recipes, menu and decorating tips, Party Invitations and Envelopes, Character Booklets for all suspects (includes their roles and background information), Police Report and Authors' Solution

Ages 18+
Players 8
2 hours