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Livraison gratuite avec achat de 99$ avant taxes* / Ramassage en boutique sans frais

The Everrain (Ang)


The Everrain is a cooperative exploration game where players must each assemble their own motley crew of spirited mariners, and take to the dark seas of a world drowning under the curtain of an endless and oppressive storm that threatens to drown the world.

The ancient Old Ones of the sea have awoken and begun to reshape the world in their image, and unless something is done all will drown in the rising tides. Players must explore this dark and foreboding world, completing quests, expanding their crew, upgrading their ship and investigating the source of the Everrain before it is too late.

Starting from humble beginnings, each player must traverse the seas of the Everrain to discover new places. The board is randomly generated from modular tiles, leading to a completely unique setup each time the game is played.

Each player begins with their own ship and a skeleton crew, but more experienced crew can be found in the darkly lit taverns of port towns, saved from shipwrecks and even be rewarded for completing quests.

The game is progressed by completing quests which can trigger important plot points, but players must be wary as the Old God’s minions also seek to advance their own agendas. Combat can take place from ship to ship and even aboard a player’s vessel, so each crew member must be ready for almost anything!

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14 ans et plus
1 à 4 joueurs
30 à 180 minutes